form16A/26AS vs 16B mismatch

Hello experts, i worked with a private airline from jul12-dec16.and  i have regularly filled my taxes.

For FY16-17 there is a discrepancy of Rs 1,95,505 bet ween form 16A (on basis of which my 26AS is reflecting) and 16B. So essentially my 26AS and 16A (issued by employer) shows gross income as Rs. 1266662 whereas 16B shows the actual gross salary credited which is Rs. 1071157. The difference being Rs. 1266662 – 1071157 = Rs. 195505, this mismatch arises due to the system generated salary slip for month of July 2016 where I was on Leave without pay for the said duration he was shown an earning of Rs. 195505 along with a deduction of Rs. 195505 making the net payment for month of July2016 as 0. a TDS of Rs. 180508 has been deducted from my salary and deposited by the company.Actual calulated tax on Rs. 1071157 is lesser making me eligible for refund.

I requested my company to file rectified return to which they deny, i then requested them to sign a acknowledgement stating the above facts as it would be useful if an IT enquiry where to arise as i would be required to pay more tax if my salary is incorrectly reflected as 1266662 in 26AS. They are even denying acknowledging the letter saying i face the enquiry myself.

So can i file a complaint somewhere as both 16A and 16B are signed by same person but they are denying acknowledging the same.

Please guide me how i should file return and which appellate to seek help.

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Hello Mr. Darshan

You can compare the Form 16 with your Monthly pay slips.  You need to file your tax returns as per Form 16 given by the employer. If company has deducted the TDS then you will get the refund. You can file a case with labour office or meet the TDS circle of Company for your grievance.


TaxIQ Answered on July 17, 2017.
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