1) I do stock market and offcourse I have to mention that income in my ITR. The bank has given me Stock statement which differs to when I check it online in my Capital Gains statement. Please suggest which one to refer.
2) AY 16-17 they have deducted Income tax on my Fixed Deposit which I can reclaim this year and this will be called as ITR then what is Income Tax. Are these two different things and should be submitted together.

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Dear Praveen

The Stock Statement might be on a given date and capital Gain statement is Stocks which you have sold. For Income tax return and if you are a Investor you need to go through capital Gain Statement. You need to test check few transaction so as to understand the authenticity of the report.

The total Income from all type of sources need to be clubbed in the ITR.

TaxIQ Answered on June 22, 2017.
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