Whom to contact?

I had a refund initiated in financial year 2017-2018. On the status portal it is shown that the refund was credited on 10th of November 2017 but it was not actually credited. On enquiry it was told that there are multiple PAN associated with the refund account provided by me. It was told that if I own that account, I should provide a crossed and cancelled cheque of that account with a form they sent me on my email ID. I sent that form and that cheque to the Bangluru  office. I also received acknowledgement to that. But still I have not received the refund. Whom should I contact?

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Dear Rahul

You can call CPC help center first to understand the issue. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, meet the Jurisdiction officer with documents and proof that the PAN belong to you . Your issue should ideally resolve here and if still issue persists , need to go to grievance cell.


TaxIQ Answered on March 6, 2018.
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